drop down menu objects and text box objects

I’d like to see the possibility of adding drop down menu objects and text box objects within both Scapple and Scrivener. As a screenwriter, I have developed a number of tools to help me develop film and TV projects and so, for example, I’d like to create a Pitching Tool/Template document that allowed me to write:

[title] is a (genre) about a [character] who…

– wherein [xxxxx] is a text box that provides a placeholder for specified text/content, (genre) is a drop down menu with say 40 different genres preloaded, and the remaining text is template text.

This would allow me to very quickly write:

[Jaws] is a (horror movie) about a [sherrif] who…

I’m sure other people would find such an option extremely useful!

Thank you.


Wouldn’t the project auto-complete system work for this? You could create a template that has your commonly used genre phrases and nouns loaded into the auto-complete list, and even restrict them by scope to certain elements of the script.