Drop-guide appears in wrong place in outliner

When I drap and drop an item in the outliner, Scrivener show a blue line to indicate the dropzone:
(the screenshot has not properly captured the shadow of the item being moved, but you can just see it).
The Storm - Scrivener 2016-10-24 12.11.04.jpg

But if I do exactly the same operation, this time without the Title column showing, then the blue guide line only ever appears at the top of the page (you can just make it out below the ‘Synopsis’ column heading. Though if you drop here, then the the card will move to the correct place (in this case, immediately below the seocnd card down).
The Storm - Scrivener 2016-10-24 12.30.49.jpg

I reported some time ago about problems with drag and drop in the outliner (here: 1. Drag and Drop is a nightmare in the outliner - please make the dropzones bigger.), and this is making it worse.