Drop Shadow in the Editor

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to remove the drop shadow in the editor of an old Scrivener project. I’ve searched under Preferences for a solution but haven’t found one. This is the only project that has this drop shadow in the editor. I can’t figure out how to remove it from this project without changing the settings to my other projects. Thanks!

Latrice –

Where in the editor do you see a drop shadow? Can you show us a screenshot?

I keep getting an error message that I can’t upload an image in this post.

If we’re talking about text drop shadow here (editor font), select the text in question, then press T to bring up the font dialog:

No, I’m talking about the editor section has a drop shadow defining a floating page. I’m not sure how else to explain it. And I keep getting an error message when I try and upload a screenshot of the issue.

I also tried to embed a link to the file through OneDrive and I keep getting the same error message that I can’t embed media files or links in this post. If someone could tell me a better way to share the screenshot I’m sure the issue will be more clearer.

One of the mods has to grant you this permission (it’s an anti-spam setting).

Do you mean that your document when it appears in the editor is presented like it is printed on a page with visible edges? Do you have Page (Pre)view switched on?

This? (Would be theme specific, not project specific)

Ok, I found that setting and once I deselect it, it puts a black border around the page but the drop shadow is removed. I don’t won’t either. When I open my other projects this isn’t an issue. It’s just this project.

I’m at the point where I will just import all of my data from this project into a new one. This will solve this issue and I will delete this file altogether.

Thanks for all your help!

You have Page View turned on. Just turn it off!


November_Sierra’s post was aimed at tweaking what Page View looks like (taking you at your word that it was the drop shadow that bugged you). But you don’t want to be in Page View at all.

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I looked at all the settings and still couldn’t find where I enabled Page View. I’ve already created a new project and moved my files over. Everything is fine now. Thanks again for everyone’s help!!!

I doubt you looked at all the settings. In ten years doing this, I don’t think I’ve seen them all.

I looked a lot until my head started hurting. There are alot. So I just moved all the files to a new project binder. All is good now.

I opened all my other projects and NONE of them had that Page View setting enabled. So I’m not sure at what point I enabled it for that one project.

But again, I’ve moved the files to a new project binder and I no longer have that Drop Shadow issue or Page Break issue or Page View issue. Whichever one it was causing the drop shadow in the first place.

I truly am thankful for each of you helping me out today. I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Glad you got it sorted one way or the other.

In the interest of full disclosure the Page View switch is a menu item, not in Settings or Prefs. So, if and when you ever accidentally enable it again (by stray key command or icon click on the toolbar), here is where you will find that switch:

View▸Text Editing▸Show Page View.

Also, a search for Page View in the Scrivener manual will bring that info up pretty fast, if need be.

all best,

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And of course the keyboard shortcut P (which may be a way to turn page view on by accident).

O.M.Goodness! I knew it would be something simple. I can’t believe it was that simple though. I’ve been on this for a couple days. Walked away from it and decided to reach out. Thank you guys so much! I know now how to fix it and I’m shaking my head at how simple the fix was. I’m glad it didn’t take long moving the files but had I known this … well.

Thanks again!