Dropbox alphabetized project list on IPad?

I work on both my IPhone and Ipad. I back-up everything on both devices to Dropbox. My projects list on the IPhone is beautifully alphabetized, I can find anything easily. Not so on my IPad. There is no order. I would appreciate any advice on how to rectify this, as I have been unable to figure it out myself.

Thanks in advance.


It might depend upon whether you have the device rotated to landscape or not, how obvious the alphabetised list is, but it has the same exact list the iPhone does as a sidebar to the tile interface that occupies the main area of the screen. The tile list by the way is sorted by recent usage. When in portrait mode you need to tap the button in the upper left to open the sidebar interface temporarily, as is customary.

Thanks. I don’t think that’s my problem because the solutions you mentioned aren’t working.

I have a much much bigger problem now. I will post a new topic.

Thanks again,


If you tap “Edit” above the projects list, you’ll see options appear above the list that let you choose how it is sorted. It’s most likely set to be sorted by the modified date, so all you should need to do is change it to use alphabetical sorting.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for this. Sorry for the late reply. I just saw your post. Your advice worked like a charm. Thanks again.