Dropbox and collaboration

My roommate and I are collaborating on some stories. Between us we have one personal MacBook that we share and two iPads. I created a separate user account on our MacBook with a new dropbox account (different from our personal accounts) to keep scrivener in, but I’m also like to access the files on my tablet which is linked to my personal Dropbox account. Is it safe for me to create a shared folder in Dropbox (sharing between my personal Dropbox account and our collab Dropbox account) for the scrivener files so I can access the scrivener files on my iPad as well as the computer? So long as we’re careful about not using the files at the same time and syncing and closing when we’re done? Am I overthinking it and there’s a better option?

People share projects between multiple devices pretty routinely.

The one thing I would say is that synchronization errors get harder to untangle the more devices are involved. In addition to syncing, make sure you have a robust backup strategy for all of the involved devices. Information about backups for iOS Scrivener can be found here: