Dropbox and Scrivener


I recently switched over from a MacBook Air to an iPad Pro. I have been using both Scrivener and Dropbox for years but I am now having problems.

I am trying to open a Scrivener file I use frequently. But I am getting the error message “The project could not be found (it may need downloading) or Scrivener may not have permission to open it in its current location”.

I can’t find a way to fix this. Can anyone help please?

Thank you.

Open it on the iPad or on the Mac? And where did you create it?

Open it on the iPad (the Mac is now dead). I created it on the Mac.


You need to set up the correct folder, where you have the project, inside iOS Scrivener. When you have done that, Scrivener will automatically find it.
You can not open it from the Dropbox app or from Files on the iPad.

Did you do the tutorial? It explains how to link Scrivener to Dropbox.

Thanks - I did import my files from Dropbox but for some reason it didn’t include this particular file. I didn’t realise it was not possible at all to open it from Dropbox. I will try unsyncing and starting again.

Import how and to where?

To a Scrivener folder, using the link to Dropbox option

Did you do the tutorial, in iOS Scrivener? The part about how to tell iOS Scrivener where on the Dropbox server you are storing your projects?

You do it from within Scrivener, the project screen, tap Edit, tap the gear wheel at the bottom, tap Dropbox settings, tap Other if you don’t use the default folder, and navigate to the correct folder on Dropbox. All from within Scrivener, nowhere else.

I don’t see how you can get the error message you cited in your first post because in Scrivener there is no Open command. You just see the synced projects in the Projects view.

An if you haven’t set it up so Scrivener sees your projects, there is no way you can try to open them or fail to open them and thus get the error message.

A quick guide to troubleshooting iOS synchronization can be found here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … os-syncing

A complete setup guide can be found here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … g-with-ios

I am somewhat confused by your repeated references to “importing” a Scrivener project. If a complete project is stored in Scrivener’s folder in Dropbox, it should just appear in Scrivener’s project screen. You shouldn’t need to “import” anything, and in fact are quite likely to damage the project structure if you try.


I guess I am using the wrong terminology. I set it up as you described lunk. I had been trying to open a file from within Dropbox, not realising that was not possible. Having now de-linked and re-linked Scrivener to Dropbox I can now see the file in Scrivener but still can’t open it: apparently it is from an older version of Scrivener and I need to open it in Scrivener for Mac or Windows. I can’t do that as my MacBook has died, so I will need to try to resolve that.

If you don’t have access to a Mac or PC with Scrivener – the trial version will work fine for this – contact our support address. Someone should be able to convert the project for you.

literatureandlatte.com/suppo … tion-email