Dropbox back up not working

Hi - my files have been seamlessly syncing to Dropbox for years and as my laptop is not v reliable I rely on having the back ups in the cloud.
But now I’m getting an error message when I close my project - see screenshot.
Can anyone please help me? My laptop has crashed several times recently and so the project sometimes hasn’t been properly saved then - could this have caused the problem? I can’t even close the project now, it’s stuck on 50% uploaded.
I have checked there is room in dropbox and it’s less than half full.

Does that filename already exist?

Ah - yes it does…you’re right! Thank you. So what can I do to get it to change it?

A) Rename the old file and try again.
B) Go into the backup settings and tell it to include the date/time stamp in the filename. This way every backup will have a unique filename.
C) All of the above. :slight_smile:

I did both of those and it behaved the same way, sadly - screenshot attached in case I’ve missed something…thanks though.Screenshot (17).png

Not a solution, but just for kicks, why don’t you try changing the backup location to a local folder on your laptop.

That will confirm that the project can in fact be backed up, and then at least you’ll have a backup and be able to close the project.

Then you can (try to) upload the zip file to DropBox manually, until the problem is figured out.

As suggested, try saving the backup to a local destination.

Is your Dropbox account otherwise behaving normally? How close are you to your allotted space limit?


Thanks, Jim and Katherine. I have checked other projects - and they’re behaving the same way - ie stopping halfway through backing to Dropbox. I have followed your advice and saved to a local folder and that’s behaving normally. I can then manually copy and paste that file and upload it to Dropbox - and that has saved. I’ve also double checked Dropbox space and I have over half remaining - ie nearly 3 GB. And this is a small project. Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Tricia,

I was able to duplicate your error exactly–including the 50% progress message–by changing the name of the Windows folder that Scrivener is pointing to for backups, and then trying to take a Scrivener backup.

So my guess is that somehow the path to your Dropbox folder changed, thereby breaking the backup process.

Try this: From Scrivener Tools / Options / Backup, choose your Dropbox backup folder. That way you know Scrivener is pointing to the actual folder. Then take a backup and see if it works.

Let us know!


Yay - Jim - thanks for all the help!! That very simple fix worked perfectly. Funnily enough I’d thought of doing that but hadn’t because I didn’t want it to start stalling again. I guess my laptop crashing must have interrupted/disrupted the saving process.

Glad it worked! :smiley:

Just had to do this again, worked again - think it might be due to the random way my stupid laptop crashes sometimes. It’s also helped others over on the Scrivener Users group - so just bumping for visibility and to thank JimRac again!

Came here to bump this solution, and see that Tricia did already. I’m the one that it helped. In my case, the link to the Dropbox folder was muddled when I let my laptop go to sleep while Scrivener was still open. After that, it would never finish a Zip file backup, and took a long time to do a non-Zip backup. Selecting ‘choose’ and Apply again, reset the connection even though it was the same location as before. It works as before, even with Zip files. Thanks!