Dropbox background sync and Custom Icons

Hi all,

First time posting here, have a couple of feature requests I hope can be considered:

  1. Background Dropbox Syncing

The Dropbox syncing works great, but would it be possible to have it run in the background every X minutes or have a way to trigger the sync wherever the user is in the app? I find I have to go all the way to the main screen or to a screen with a Settings icon in order to sync manually. It would be nice if this process was either automated within a customizable timeframe or could be triggered without having to leave the screen I’m currently in.

  1. Custom icon importing from desktop

One great feature of the desktop version is the ability to import custom icons for your binder items, yet whenever the same document is opened on iOS, it reverts to the default icons. It would be nice (and less confusing) if there was a way to bring these custom icons into the iOS version as well.


Welcome to the board!

  1. It’s not background syncing, but you can sync whenever you wish to from within the project, with the Shift-Cmd-S hotkey. It’s not really possible to do anything more than that with this type of technology and process. You’d be pulled out of whatever it is you’re doing for however long it takes to sync, if it were on an interval, and so since we cannot dispense with that limitation, it makes far more sense to let you decided when it happens.

  2. We did give that some thought, but there is no parity between desktop icons (especially the smaller res 16px ones) and the much larger iOS icons, meaning the icons you use will be stretched and ugly looking.

Sorry, for #1 I was actually referring to within the iOS version, should have stated that up front.

I think the answer was about the iOS version. The desktop version already has a background save.

Except Shift-Cmd-S isn’t a command you can perform on iOS (at least not on an iPhone, or am I missing something?).

Yes in the context of iOS, I should clarify that to use a hotkey you’d need a keyboard with the device. I don’t know of a way to use shortcuts on the glass keyboard, but I’m not an expert. :slight_smile:

As for the macOS version, it does not sync in this sense, as Dropbox running in the background takes care of all the heavy lifting. In both cases, they auto-save as you work, no need to manually do so, if that is what you’ve been thinking.

What about the option to use a single emoji instead of an icon? This would greatly increase the choice of supported ‘icons’ across all platforms.

Otherwise, is there any plan to increase the pool of official icons? The existing set are nice, but can be constraining.