Dropbox files all synced notification in iOS

When closing a Project in Scrivener for the Mac, I can tap on the Dropbox icon in the menubar, and it shows me the files being synced, then that dialog box sends a message that the files are all up to date. Very reassuring. I love it. So I’m wondering if, in Scrivener for iOS, when the progress bars finish and disappear, can I have the same confidence that at that moment Dropbox has messaged back to Scrivener for iOS that all the files are up to date? Is it safe to immediately close a project then? Or should I assume that there’s a lag in there? Dropbox sync has been dead reliable for me through the years, but one always wants to understand more.


Note that this is only an indication that the iOS device is fully synchronized to the Dropbox server. Transferring from the server to any other device is a separate operation.

Thanks! That’s good to know. (I have always understood that second part.)