Dropbox Files Not Working (even zipped)

I seem to have lost all my files from my Mac and the only trace of my work for all three projects I was working on a few years ago is in my Dropbox account. First I tried downloading a .scriv file by itself and then read on here that individual files wouldn’t open. So I downloaded the whole folder from Dropbox as a zipped file, but when I open it on my Mac, I see all the individual files and I can’t seem to open as a zipped file in scrivener. Help!

You need to download the whole .scriv folder to your Mac.
If you download it as a zip-file you need to unzip it, then go to Scrivener, File -> open , and navigate to where you unzipped the projevt folder

Thank you so much! It asked me to update the file type, but it opened. :slight_smile:

Yes, because the old project was in an older format. :slight_smile:
Happy writing!