Dropbox folder hierarchy not preserved

I have my Scrivener projects neatly arranged in folders in my /Apps/Scrivener subdirectory in Dropbox. But Scrivener on iOS insists on pulling all my projects out of their folders and displaying them in one big long list.

This is inconvenient and a bit rude. God gave us folders to keep our work tidy and improve our productivity.

Folder support, please.

This isn’t a bug. As noted in the docs:

Okay, thanks, Amber: not a bug.

Still. Feature request, then: Folder support, please.

(Dropbox’s iOS app preserves the folders, so it’s clearly possible on iOS.)

Well it’s more a matter of the user interface than the underlying code—or to put it another way, just because you can code something doesn’t mean you should. We didn’t want a folder concept cluttering up the project management view and adding a bunch of buttons and complexity to it, so it was deliberately coded to work the way it does. We might add some additional organisation features in the future (like a sort by recent capability on the iPhone; maybe some basic form of tagging), but there are no plans for folder browsing and management, sorry to say.