dropbox isn't working with Scrivener


I recently purchased the IOS version of Scrivener, largely because I want to use it while traveling with this next month. I’ve been using the Mac version for many years. I have dropbox on both my Mac and my iPad. My current project currently resides in dropbox on both devices. But I cannot get the IOS version of Scrivener to “see” the project. When I use the sync button the drop park box appears and disappears so quickly, I have no time to register what I’m seeing. I have watched the Literature and Latte instruction video on this subject. My system simply doesn’t behave the same way as the system does on that video. One of the things I have noticed is that when I track the project into dropbox on the Mac, it creates a zip file. I must get this problem resolved quickly because I can’t take my Mac with me on the journey. Thanks for your help.

See @kewms’ post here : https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/dropbox-sync-not-working-urgent/35951/1