Dropbox may NOT always be the answer

At a recent Literary Festival the writer of GCHQ (the uncensored version) explained that a US author had found that his book on the equivalent of GCHQ - the NSA in the USA had been fully accessed before publication by the NSA because he’d used the Cloud. The book was thereby open to being censored. In the UK the GCHQ book hit the shops before GCHQ heard about the publication.

It’s a point worth considering if you’re writing could be contentious. So Dropbox may not be the best place for your backups in some cases!!!

I’ve had concerns about Dropbox in the past. Early on, for example, they did not encrypt the data.

However, this list of cloud vendors provided by the EFF indicates that Dropbox now gets high marks. This isn’t definitive, but EFF is very good on this issue.

eff.org/deeplinks/2013/11/e … doing-what