Dropbox/Notebooks Sync PLEASE!!!

I really love Scrivener for Windows and it helps me foster my book project tremendously. But the one thing I just can’t wait for is real dropbox sync to use it with Notebooks on my iPhone. I am on the road very often and until this great feature is implemented, I have to rely on text export which is just not the same thing.
I know you’re not planning to implement this right now since it’s a version 2.0 feature, but
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider to move it up on your todo list. This really is THE ONE feature that would save my life.

Maybe others are thinking the same? Go ahead and post it here so the Scrivener team knows just how many users would love to see this feature.

My life is Windows + iOS. Much as I’d like to be a Mac man all the way around, I have work requirements/software that make me live in a Windows world most of the time.

I’ll buy Windows Scrivener as soon as it is available for sale. Been using it for several months and love it.

But when I travel, I just take my iPad & keyboard…and it is painful to manually sync back and forth (cut and paste from compilations).

So yes, I too would like to see Dropbox synching (which I understand the Mac version does well) to be a priority.

(I would think that would be one of the higher, OS-independent code functions…but I suspect there’s some horrible Objective-C-to-.Net translation that the L&L devs are doing so it may not be that easy to just copy features from Mac to Windows :open_mouth: )

Just my two syllables…

Yes I will add support for this as well. Someday I hope to have a Mac at home, but for now it is Windows and my iPad for travel. It syncs okay with dropbox, but sure would be nicer for a smoother interface.

I’m curious what you mean by “syncs okay with dropbox”. I highlight the files of my manuscript in the binder and then select File->Export->Files. I have to manually keep track of any changes and copy/paste back into Scriv.

Is that what you mean? Or is there something slicker?

There’s no sync option in the current version, but this is high on the list once Lee’s able to start implementing Mac 2.0 features. Right now he’s working to get 1.0 ready for release, which was only meant to get all the 1.54 Mac features in–although he was able to bring a lot of the 2.0 functionality even to the Windows 1.0 version–and he’s still got a long list for the early 1.x updates. Never fear, though; the various sync methods that will enable to you to work on the iPad or in other programs are definitely up there.

For now, export is probably the best way to do this for most cases, as Ioa outlined here. (That was in response to your question, raindog308, so I know you’ve already seen it. :wink:)

This is a FWIW comment. I use Sugarsync to sync my files between the three different computers I use to work with Scrivener. I find that it works quite well as long as I remember to close Scrivener (or whatever application I’m using) at the end of each work session. My computers are all windows devices, but on the Sugarsync website I see that they have Mac versions as well as mobile apps for the ipod, etc. You can get a free account with 5GB of storage. It is quite easy to setup and although there have been a couple of hiccups during my time using it (mainly due to my own mistakes) Sugarsync keeps the last 5 versions of file changes so it’s easy enough to roll back these changes. Just thought I would mention this as an alternative to Dropbox.