DropBox plus Simplenote?

I’m fairly new to Scrivener. Okay very new! I’ve been using it on two different computers, working on my project which I keep in Dropbox.

I just set up the sync with Simplenote on mu iMac at home and all works well so far. Now my question is, when I work on the project on my iMac at the office, can I/should I sync with Simplenote from there as well?

I guess the question is, can you sync from Scrivener to Simplenote from two separate Scrivener installs, or will that cause problems/file corruption etc?

Thanks, hope that’s clear!

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Simplenote sync, as I understand, is only if you’re going to be using an iOS device … iPad, iPhone etc. to edit on. If you’re just working between two iMacs, don’t touch it, as that way project corruption lies, or so I understand. Just putting your project in Dropbox and taking note of all the caveats on that is all you should do.

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Thanks Mark. Im guessing my original post wasn’t clear. God knows it wouldn’t be the first time! I’m not wanting to sync between two macs, but rather between both of the macs, and simplenote.

I have my project on dropbox, and it’s accessed by both iMacs (home and work). Now that I’m syncing with Simplenote for my iPad from my home iMac, I’m wondering if I can also sync with Simplenote from the work iMac as well, or will that confuse things.

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