Dropbox, Scrivener and Find and Replace in IOS.


I have two questions:

  1. I finally have Scrivener installed on my MacBook Air, my iMac, my iPad, and iPhone, with my project set up on Dropbox. My question involves saving work that I have done on my book in any of the four above environments.

Because I like to leave what I’m working on open, (wherever I happen to be working) do I need to worry about how my project is saved over to Dropbox. I mean, do I have to have Scrivener shut down on all of the other devices or computers in order to work in Scrivener on the computer or device that I happen to be working in at the time. I’m hoping the answer is no.

I became accustomed to working in Google Drive this way and it made life very simple for me, knowing that no matter where I was writing it was all safely being saved on GD.

  1. How do I do a find and replace in IOS where a word that is non-italicized is notated and then through find and replace is changed to an italic. I have an instance where a title in my story needs to have this happen throughout the body of the story.

Thank you.

As to your first question, no, you won’t be able to leave the project open on all machines. It is by far safest to close the project on each machine as you finish work on it. I (or someone else) can give you the technical reasons, but the answer is still no.

On iOS in particular, syncing is NOT going on in the background (in Google Docs, it is.). You must either manually start sync (which then often insists you close the project) or set up sync to start automatically–on project close, the only option for automatic iOS sync. NO changes from your iOS device will be saved to Dropbox unless you MANUALLY start sync, or close the project with “sync on project close” enabled.

As far as Mac-to-Mac goes, Scrivener will WARN you strongly if you left your project open on the other Mac–as well it should. Proceed past the warning, and you may well corrupt your project.

Sorry–this isn’t the answer you wanted, I know. I hope you find it helpful anyway :slight_smile: