Dropbox, Scrivener, and IOS beta

Using Scrivener on our test bed IOS 13 devices - an iPad pro and an iPhone XS Max, Scrivener opens, but crashes on dropbox sync (interestingly, it also crashes on opening the Scrivener panel in settings and selecting any of the options, not just limited to the “Syncing & Sharing” tab…

And yes, I understand that one shouldn’t assume anything will work with any beta. …that’s why I’m using IOS 13 only on a test machine, I’m still curious if anyone else is experiencing this or has a solution/workaround.

However, if anyone is deeply annoyed over the posting of this question here, feel free to either call me names, or even better, let me bake you some cookies.



I’ve been seeing the same failure mode crashing on sync. I’m not a power user so that is the only problem I’ve noticed with the beta.