Dropbox security issue

I’ve checked and what he says is right. Dropbox has taken for itself the ability “to control [my] computer.” I quote from the first linked article below:

applehelpwriter.com/2016/07/28/r … rity-hack/

chronicle.com/blogs/profhack … -you/62785

Read the article for further details on just how serious a security risk this is. The writer also tells you how to remove the risk.

Later, he offers a simpler way to get rid of the problem:

applehelpwriter.com/2016/07/28/r … ment-27348

Creepy, really creepy. Dropbox works fine with that disabled, or at least it does everything users want it to do. I wonder if Dropbox is doing what a Swiss company, Crypto AG did on the CIA payroll. That might also explain Apple’s laggardly response to this issue.


We’ll see max OS 10.12 fixes this giant security hole.

There’s a great link to a less inflammatory discussion of this issue (as well as a rebuttal of several factual errors) here in our own forums: