Dropbox security lapses

Anyone else been concerned by recent Dropbox security lapses? It does make me pause and think when it comes to the rush to cloud computing. I don’t show my work in progress to the people I love and respect before I am ready to, so why should I allow potential access to complete stranger? Encrypting files doesn’t seem to be an option if you are accessing them via iPad for instance, so I don’t know what the answer is, apart from changing my workflow.

Thoughts anyone?


I have been made aware of Spideroak https://spideroak.com, which apparently uses encryption and has clients for various platforms including iPad. However, how it would work with Scriv & something on the iPad (if at all) is beyond my pay-scale.

Just FYI, apparently Dropbox is notifying people who have had “unusual account activity” during the 4 hour period where passwords were, apparently, optional. For the rest of us, remember that you can check you account activity on the Dropbox site, just to see what’s transpired recently.

but do you love and respect those who might get access to zillions of text files in the dropbox?

what can anyone do with the knowledge of these texts? if it is a fiction book draft?

the only thing I could think of is maybe help. I always hope someone would work a bit on mine and help me write/edit. or at least read and like it. no luck.

Ha! I like to choose who will read my work before it is published! Seriously though, if that is what you want there are many dedicated sites where you can post your work and there are plenty of people on them willing to tell you howthey think you can improve it.

not really what I want, but thanks :smiley:

For improvement, I would suggest a space.

Thanks, I constantly strive for improvement. :slight_smile:

Having dug into this a bit more it seems the safest option for cloud computing is not to upload anything you’re not happy sharing. Even when there are no security ‘lapses’ any cloud-based service can be potentially hacked. I’m told that the most secure (from hacking) are those that are encrypted and where they do not store your password on their servers, ie if you forget it they cannot recover it for you.

Anyway, maybe it’s just a sign of age that I worry about this sort of thing. When I warn my teenage son about putting things on Facebook his answer is “So what if people can see my stuff?”

Not just age.
Wisdom, too.

you mean young people are wiser today than the old folks? maybe you are right.