Dropbox starts backing up entire Documents folder

This morning I had a crash and when my Mac restarted, Dropbox displayed a message saying that it was backing up ALL my data, meaning not just my Dropbox folder. That’s hundreds of megabytes and far more than my free account can hold. The only option was to pause it, which I did. But I needed to stop that behavior for good. Pausing would also stop the sharing of my Dropbox folder with my iPad and iPhone.

Hunting around, I found this information on the Dropbox forum. Despite what it claims, it did not tell me how to solve the problem, but it gave me enough clues to figure it out for myself.

dropboxforum.com/t5/Dropbox … d-p/326538

I took this long series of steps.

  1. Open Dropbox from my menu bar.
  2. Click on the MP, which refers my settings based on my initials. Why that can’t be called “Settings” is beyond my understanding.
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Select Backup
  5. Select “Set up”
  6. Select Edit Folders
  7. Uncheck all the folders in the Edit folders list. And yes, that never should have been turned on.
  8. Click on Save to save those settings.
  9. Dismiss the “Want to keep your Mac backed up” window with the usual window button on the upper left. Clicking “Not now” will undo your deselection.

The good news is that stops the massive unwanted backup. The bad news is that I still feel insecure. When I go through the process to reach “Edit Folders” again, all my folders are checked again. It is as if Dropbox is trying to force this huge backup and thus a paying account on me.

I’m not sure what the cause was. Was it the crash and, if so, why. My Mac hasn’t crashed in months. Dropbox also said something about this being a beta version. Is this a serious bug in Dropbox that just came out. I never asked to be a beta tester. Did it cause my Mac to crash?

This brings up a topic I have thought of suggesting to the Scrivener team. Those of us who use Dropbox’s free account are on shaky ground. We have no leverage in the company because it gets nothing from us. Going to paying, at $12.50 a month is far more than I can justify to store a few small Scrivener files. On their business page, they offer customizable solutions. I wonder if they’d be open to a Scrivener option for perhaps $12 a year. It’s be like the free account with perhaps a 30-day or 90-day backup of deleted files, as well as having more than just three devices attached.

I’d certainly feel safer as a paying Dropbox customer than I do now with this free account, particularly if the company is trying to push me (and all Scrivener users) into that too-expensive one.

–Mike Perry

Topic moved as this is not a Scrivener issue.

We have no particular plans to offer a Scrivener “cloud,” even one outsourced to a company like Dropbox.

For sharing projects between Mac and Windows devices, any system that works like Dropbox does will work. Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services

For sharing projects with iOS devices, the best alternative to Dropbox is Apple’s file sharing. More information can be found here: support.apple.com/guide/iphone/ … d851b9/ios