Dropbox sync and folders

I noticed that a folder hierarchy setup within the drafts folder is not replicated on Dropbox. The folders just get changed to text files. is there a way to avoid this? Am I doing something wrong?

No, that’s just how it works. Scrivener’s outliner isn’t like ordinary files and folders. Everything can have text and everything can have nested items, so folders can end up generating files as well so that their text content can be edited. The sync isn’t designed to replicate the binder for this reason (plus it would get rather complicated to actually pull that off). It just provides text content, and so a flat list is good enough for that. If you’re finding the list a bit confusing to work within, you might try enabling the feature that prefixes the filenames with numbers, so that things stay in the right order.

Many thanks for the fast reply. Shame, I really wish I could retain those folders.