Dropbox sync folder is NOT 'being used by another project'

I’ve been syncing Scrivener with Plaintext on iPad via Dropbox, but after a long period using Plaintext, I went back to Scrivener to sync, but it seems to have forgotten my sync folder. When I choose it, I’m told:

I don’t know why Scrivener has become confused. Maybe because I created new files in the sync folder from Plaintext?

Seems like I’ll have to manually save my Plaintext edits into Scrivener, then create a new sync folder.

Or is there a better solution?


Despite that message, you should still be able to choose the folder - in fact, the message should have some more text, explaining that if you need to choose a different folder, you should click on “Choose” again, otherwise it will use the folder with the files already in it. However, this did used to be a bug - it used to force you to choose a different folder. So if that’s happening for you, it suggests that you haven’t updated to the latest version. Please choose “Check for Updates…” from the Scrivener menu and ensure you update to version 2.2.

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Thanks Keith. I have 2.2 already.

True, I can create a different sync folder in my Dropbox to replicate what I have on my desktop, but this won’t help me to save the changes I have made to my project on iPad/Plaintext, to my desktop/Scrivener.

As I say, it seems I’ll have to do this manually on my desktop before setting up sync again.

Ah, right, sorry - I got things back to front. It used to be that you could choose to go ahead at this point, but I changed it so that you can’t, and you do now have to swap things around via the Finder to achieve this. This change was made because the alternative is just too dangerous - we had too many users ignoring the warning and losing files.

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