Dropbox sync is awesome

I’ve been syncing four projects back and forth on four different devices today and everything is flawlessly in sync (after some initial hiccups b/c I hadn’t updated one of my Macs). I’m even more impressed than I expected to be from the previews and hype.

I’ve been using Dropbox for just about everything for the last two years, and I can’t recommend it too highly – with Scrivener syncing I am just about at the point where I can do everything I need in either iOS or the Mac via Dropbox sync.

Thanks again - it was a long wait but well worth it in the end.

Agree. A lot of people are having issues. Some probably ligetimate, others often of people that didn’t read the blog Posts or manual and got stuck (and I can understand that for Windows users, if the external sync folder feature just now came out, some of them thought that was how they should sync, although I do think L&L did a lot of efforts to prepare people for it.)

I’ve Synced in Total now 12GB of projects, some more then 5GB big, and everything works very fast en reliable! I almost have to pinch myself that it works so easily.
Although I must say that I am a bit neurotic and a video editor of profession so I do make sure stuff is synched on one device before I go to Another etc.
But it’s here that you see that Keiths vision of working with the package files years ago for Scrivener and Dropbox correct handling it really pays off. Once you have your initial sync completed, it only has to update the files that were changed and are often a couple of rtf’ underneath. So it works very quick, even on older hardware.

Just here to say thanks again after three flawless months of syncing nine projects. I really appreciate all the work that went into Scrivener for iOS, and it’s been a great help in finding time to write at odd moments.

Thanks all! Glad to hear it’s held up to the test of time and use.

Clearly I cursed myself by posting that. Just had to restore a 350-page ms. from a Time Machine backup after the version in Dropbox somehow lost the entire contents of the .scriv package. Fortunately all is there.

Can’t have too many backups. Having said that–Dropbox works fine for me so far.