Dropbox sync not working

I updated to 3.2.1 today, and now my external sync to dropbox stops a third into the sync and just holds, beachball style. I let it sit for 3 hours on one try, so even though this is a big project, it is not just that. It has always taken some time to sync, but not moving past the first third in 3 hours tells me it’s not just the size. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

So far I have tried creating a new sync folder to see if there was an issue there. That was not it.

You need to be more specific.

Which sync are you talking about? Scrivener’s ’Sync with external folder’ or the Dropbox app’s sync with the Dropbox server? Those are totally independent and unconnected things.

Sorry for the mix-up. I mean Scriverner’s sync with external folder, which I use to sync to Dropbox - and have so far for 4 years without a hitch. Till now. (I’d go look at a Dropbox support forum if it was there the issue was :slight_smile: )

I use sync with external folder, too, and am using Scriv 3.2.1. No issues for me. I wonder if your large file has met a bit of corruption. Do you have a backup that worked before the 3-hour debacle? If the backup syncs more as you’re used to, then that may confirm a corruption in your current file.

Please try using the File → Backup → Backup To command to create a backup copy of the project in the Dropbox folder. That’s just a straight file save operation, so that will help determine whether the problem is with the Sync operation (Scrivener) or with the communication with the Dropbox server (Dropbox).


Step 1, change the “external folder” to a folder on your desktop and not in your Dropbox folder, to see if it is the Sync with external folder that is the problem.
Step 2, is your setting to backup the project first, before writing the Draft documents to the external folder? Are you sure that it is the sync command that produces the delay or the backup procedure?
Step 3, check with another project. If it is this one project causing problems it’s probably something within this project screwing things up, like lots of images or tables, etc.

First, thank you all!

Second, I tested by using Katherine’s method, and the file backs up fine to the general Dropbox folder. But still not to the original folder or the new one I created for it. Any suggestions?

Hi everyone,

After trying everything, I gave up and began to double-back up manually instead. Having now created a new project once more, I have run into the same problem again. The odd thing is, that when I first did, there were no issues. But on day 2, it stopped syncing. Or rather, the sync ‘hangs’ again, at item no. 5, exactly as it did with the project I initially had the issue with. This one is much, much smaller and 2 days old. So I really doubt it is a corruption in the project, and it is definitely the sync, not the back up, as it stalls while the sync is running and if I back up manually there are no problems with that.

It really is getting super frustrating now. Any help would be VERY much appreciated. I have been through all suggestions above with this project too.

Edit to add: I forgot to mention that when the sync stall happens, I can’t stop it or close the program but have to use Mac’s “Force Quit” to get out of it.

Does the sync still stall if the External Folder is located somewhere other than the Dropbox folder?


Yes, unfortunately it does. I tried syncing with a folder on my desktop and it happened with that as well.