Dropbox sync tries to sync too many files, hangs

Wondering if anyone has had this problem and I’ve somehow failed to find it when searching the forums. On both my iPad and iPhone Dropbox sync will frequently fail when trying to sync more files than it intended (see attached picture, “Syncing (21 of 20 files)”. It hangs at this status until I manually cancel. When I next manually initiate the sync, it typically gets about 50%-75% of the way through the syncing process, then hangs until I again manually cancel. (In this case the next sync got through 5 of 16 files before hanging.) Usually, but not always, the next manual sync works properly, but at times I need to manually initiate and cancel the sync up to 5 times before everything works and I can confidently continue working.

Sometimes, if I let the sync process hang long enough, it will throw an error “Failed to copy files from a Dropbox. Please ensure Dropbox isn’t updating on another device [it isn’t], check you connection [it’s fine] and try again.” The rest of the error reads: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (dropbox.com error 403.)A file with that name already exists at path…”

This issue has persisted through reinstalls on both devices.

Thanks for any insight!

I have got some pretty big projects on the go and I regularly run into this problem, whether it tries to sync too many files or not. But everything always works on the second try.