Dropbox sync


I have just downloaded the beautiful app on my iPhone and would love to sync my mac folders with my iPhone.
I have stored my scrivener file in dropbox and can find it on my dropbox iPhone app.
But the scrivener app does not find anything and I simply don’t find out how to open the file in scrivener via dropbox.
It only offers e.g. one note to open it.

It seems as if the Scrivener app does not access the files.

Sorry - if someone asked this before. I simply spent a lot of time finding a solution and I would be very grateful if anyone would help.

Looking forward to any reply and being able to start working in the streets.

Thank you!

PS: From Germany - obviously no native speaker…

You need to point iOS Scrivener to the correct Dropbox folder. You do not open it from the Dropbox app, but from within Scrivener itself. Full instructions here: scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … g-with-ios

Hi, Karen, and welcome.

1: have you updated your Mac Scrivener to version 2.8?
2: if you have done that, have you opened the project(s) in 2.8? You need to do this to allow the small, underlying changes necessary for Scrivener for iOS to be able to work with the project(s). Just open them, do something small, like moving a file in the research folder or adding a letter and deleting it, then close them.
3: have you gone through the tutorial on Scrivener for iOS, and have you set it to use the folder in Dropbox containing your project(s)?
4: have you moved your project(s) into that folder by dragging them between Finder windows?
5: have you left enough time for Dropbox to fully upload all the files—and it may run to hundreds—onto the server?

If you have done all that, then your project(s) should be available on your iOS device. If they aren’t can you post a screenshot of your designated Dropbox folder.

By the way, I think a way of troubleshooting whether you’ve got them in the right place is to create a test project on your iOS device—give it an easily searched for name—and choose to create it on Dropbox. Scrivener for iOS will ask you if you want to create it there or only locally. Tap the sync button—two arrows forming a circle—on your iOS device. When it has sync’ed, close it there and then go and look where it is in the Dropbox folder on your Mac … remember to give the Mac time to sync fully, though a small test project shouldn’t take long.

Come back to us if you still need help.



Hello Marc,

thank you so much for your quick reply!

I have tested a lot meanwhile - but I think I still do something wrong.
First I read the advices concerning the sync and chose a folder where all my work shall be stored in dropbox.
I have the latest version of scrivener and made sure that the file I wanted in the dropbox is stored in the latest version as well. Yes, it is. :wink:

I did everything you suggested and created the “Hello” project on my iPhone.
Interestingly it was stored in the dropbox immediately and I can access it on my macbook.

When I first used the sync button in the app it said that it was downloading several files.
Perhaps I’m simply to stupid to open them in the app.
I always just see the screen I attached - and can switch to the tutorial and help - but I don’t find where I can access the files…

Uh - thank God I have some other talents.

Thank you so much for your help and your invitation to “come back”. :smiley:



What is in the “Die Träumerin” and “Entwurf” folders? Note that your “Hello” project is a Scrivener “.scriv” file. That’s how the other projects should appear on Dropbox, too. You need to move your Scrivener projects into this folder using the Finder.

So, when you say that you have stored the Scrivener project in Dropbox, what exactly did you do? Some users made the mistake of using “Sync with External Folder” for instance, which has nothing to do with syncing the iOS version. That’s an old feature used for sharing a bunch of files with any folder anywhere. If that’s what you used, that will be your problem - you haven’t moved your Scrivener project onto Dropbox, but just exported some files.

All the best,

Hello Keith,

I think this is the problem.

In the documentation about how to “sync” it said that I needed to click the “sync-button” in the frontend - but I only found the mobile sync button - and of course, it did not do anything.

So I did exactly what you describe. And dropbox created a folder namend app/scrivener etc.
So I thought this was an alternative to the button.

Hm…where can I find the “sync” button then? :open_mouth:

Thank you!!

The sync “button” is in the iOS app, and you tap it when you are done editing on the iOS app. On your Mac you don’t have to do anything special.

In Finder, drag your Scrivener project (what looks like a .scriv file) to the Apps/Scrivener folder, and wait until Dropbox has copied your files to its server so you get the green ‘ready’ symbol. That’s all you need to do. The next time you open the iOS app, it will find your project.

Hello again,

thank you.
I have now just created a new file on my macbook and said: Store in Dropbox and seen where it was stored.
I first had no access via the app, but after I put it in another folder in my dropbox, the app could finally find it.
So - I think I will do it this way in future.

Really than’s for all the help!!