Dropbox syncing issue – Word App for Android says ”read-only”

So I’ve just started a Scrivener writing project after a lot of research into what software could help me in my process of multiple timelines etc etc. And I’m very pleased!

I do, however, want to be able to write on the go on my Android phone. Since there is no app (yet!) I’ve done the work around of saving to my Dropbox on my computer. And that works fine. As for apps on Android I don’t want to start a subscription before knowing how it all works (so Jotterpad and iA Writer is off for now) and what I’ve landed on is the Microsoft Word app – that has Dropbox sync.

And all well so far, I can see all my files in the project and open them – but I cant edit them! They are all read-only. And I’ve gone through each and every file in the Dropbox and changed permissions so that everyone can edit them – but it still doesn’t work. I have no idea why.

Do you know? Why can’t I edit the files? And if there is another app that is free and works the same way I’d love to try that aswell.

You should never try to edit your project files with any other app than Scrivener.

What I would recommend is the feature “sync with external folder”, which is documented in the manual, I’m sure there are also online videos and blog posts about it and what Android apps people use with the feature. This external set of files and folders can be opened in any standard word processor.

That’s exactly what I’ve done. Sync with external folder. But I can’t edit the files in it.

Are you able to edit the synced folder from other devices, such as the original Mac?


Yes, in Scrivener no problem!

Sorry, that wasn’t the question.

You’re syncing to a Dropbox folder, right? And that folder is also accessible on the original Mac? Can you edit those files using something like TextEdit?

If you can, then the problem is not a Scrivener issue: Scrivener is successfully exporting the files in a readable format, and the problem is occurring either with the Dropbox transfer to the Android device, or with the Word App’s ability to open the files.