Dropbox syncing problem

I have what might be a Dropbox syncing problem.

The order of events was:
1- yesterday I worked on the Desktop. Did a Dropbox sync afterwards.
2- later, synced the Laptop, did some work, synced again afterwards.
3- today, synced the Desktop, and the project would not open.
4- I found a set of ‘conflict’ files on the Desktop - so one of those syncs didn’t work properly.

I found I could open the project on the Desktop after renaming the ‘conflict’ files.
But it looks like this has taken me back to where I was before I worked last night on the Laptop

I’m hoping that the work I did last night on the Laptop is still there, but the Project will not open on the Laptop.
I haven’t done another dropbox sync this morning on it.
I can see that what happens is that Scrivener loads, the last screen that I finished on last night shows for an instant - and then the program crashes.

Any ideas how I can get into the version of the Project that’s on my Laptop?

I would move all the old ‘conflicted’ files that you find in the .scriv folder’s “Files\Docs” sub-folder out of your project and then import them back in.

The docs that consist entirely of a number and an ‘rtf’ extension (ex: 1.rtf, 894.rtf) are the main document text, but you can drag in just about any file that ends in .rtf or .txt. Then you’ll need to sort out where the text goes, and whether each one is newer or older than the copy that is already in Scrivener.

Good luck!

Thanks Robert. But there are no conflicted files in the Doc folder - it’s the .scrix and other top-level files that are conflicted. (binder.autosave, binder.backup, search.indexes and ui.ini)

And on further investigation, it seems to me that the Dropbox conflict is a secondary issue. The automated back-up also crashes when opened. So I think what I’ve got here is a corrupted .scrivx (etc) file.

I don’t think I’ve lost much text. But my last work session was a mammoth re-ordering of the project, and that is what I’d like to recover. (Maybe it’s also what’s behind the crashes).

When I open the project, it loads, then for a fleeting instant I see the last page I edited, which is in outliner view, and then it crashes.

Could it be that the crash is related to this?

Any help with this from the scrivener team, please?

I have one other suggestion, but if that doesn’t work, then I’d suggest you email customer support directly; busy threads are sometimes overlooked for unanswered ones, from what I’ve observed.

First, make a backup of the entire .scriv project folder.

Then try removing all the conflicted copies of files from the folder (move them elsewhere; you’ll want to have them handy). See if that allows you to open the project.

If not, try substituting one of the confrlicted .scrivx files for the project.scrivx file (make sure to make a copy of that file first). If that doesn’t work, try any other conflicted .scrivx files.

If all else fails, try opening the .scrivx files in notepad. It’s just XML formatted text, kind of like HTML. You might be able to suss out which one is the copy that contains your most recent rearrangements that way, which could help the support team restore your project to good working order if their intervention is needed.

Thanks again Robert.

I had a look at the .scrivx file and couldn’t see anything obvious.

Then I had a hunch. Each time I tried it, the file seemed to load ok, was visible for an instant on screen, and then crashed. Might this mean that the very large .scrivx file was ok, but something else was not? Might the user interface file be the last one to load? I tried replacing the ui.ini file with a the most recent older one and hey presto the project loads ok. It looks like I’m in again. :smiley:

That’s great news! I’m glad you got it sorted.