Dropbox Syncing Problems


I know this is a newb/basic issue but I can’t find the solution. I’ve looked at the troubleshooting guide and other forum posts but can’t find an answer. Basically, I’ve put my folder in Dropbox at Apps/Scrivener, and turned on syncing in iPad. I’ve hit the sync button and watched as it counted down the syncing of files, so it knows they are there. But I cannot see the project in iOS Scrivener to open. I’m sure it’s some bone headed thing I’m doing, like a file structure issue. Do I need to do something further to make the project show up on in iOS Scrivener project view?

I’ve attached screenshots of my directory in `Dropbox and my project view. Any help would be appreciated.

How did you put your Scrivener projects in the Dropbox folder on your Mac, and what else do you have in that folder? I can’t see any .scriv package/folder in the lower image.

Sorry, should have mentioned that. I use Scrivener for Windows. That’s basically everything that’s in the project folder for what I’m working on, I just copied it to the Apps/Scrivener directory. I initially kept it in the project folder itself, but thought that might be the issue, so I put the contents in Apps/Scrivener as well. Is Scrivener Windows not compatible with Scrivener iOS? That would explain a lot.

Based on your confusion, I think I see the answer. I had unpacked my .scriv file somehow, and was opening them directly. I resaved and got a new .scriv package. It’s syncing now, let me see if it fixes. Like I said, boneheaded.

Works now. Thanks for your help.

Glad to see that you seem to have things straightened out. Just to clarify for future readers of the thread:

Your Scrivener project is the .scriv folder and ALL of its contents. Copying the contents without the folder will not work. Copying the folder without the contents will not work. The entire folder (including subfolders) needs to travel as a single unit.


Okay, your signature says Mac.

Glad you fixed it! Happy Writing! :smiley: