Dropbox vs other cloud sync?

So I’ve done plenty of searching and found a lot of suggestions on this forum about how you should only use drop box to sync with scrivener and not any other cloud based thing like google drive or the like.

But as of last year Drop Box is actually a giant pain in the butt because it will only let you have 3 devices syncd at a time and wants you to pay $13(CAD) a month in order to get more devices added on now which is kind of ridiculous in my opinion.

I’ve been making do but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with google drive and scrivener as of late, or any of the other drop box alternatives? (I should mention I’m using the beta version)

I use and am happy with DropBox, but can work within the 3x device limit.

I’ve read posts here that people have been using OneDrive (on Win10) for syncing without issue.

I’ve heard nothing about Google except that it should be avoided.

There’s a regular poster here who has successfully used a service called Sync, see this post: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/new-to-scrivener-pre-purchase-question/48612/2].

I’m sure others will chime in with success stories. But whichever service you use, be cautious. Cleaning up sync errors is no fun. Rebuilding a corrupted project less so. Set your Scrivener zipped backups to retain at least 25. Be sure to close Scrivener on one machine, and confirm that it has fully synced on both sides prior to opening it on another machine.


Do you have more than three Windows devices on which you use Scrivener?

It is a bit of a pain as I have four systems, well five if you include my iPhone.

While it’s easy to slag DB for the restriction the only way they can offer a free tier is through selling larger tiers. Everyone else (Apple, MS, Google etc) have massive businesses that provide income to support their free offerings.

I don’t recall previous comment, but has anyone had experience with box? I use them for backups but haven’t risked a live project.

Please note that only Dropbox is supported for synchronization with iOS Scrivener.


Hey Katherine,

For those of us who aren’t dealing with all magic that goes into syncing across multiple devices and platforms, can you explain this a little? Since the file type would be the same whether the project is in Dropbox or OneDrive, I’m confused as to how iOS Scrivener couldn’t read it, unless it’s actually at the app level that looking for files on any platform other than Dropbox? Or does it not supported, but still works in a “use at your own risk” kind of thing like WinSriv running on Linux?

Asking because I too am trying to get away from Dropbox because of their monthly sub, and I’m already paying Windows for its programs for my business and OneDrive comes with it.

If you can get the project onto the device by some other method – such as direct file transfer – iOS Scrivener can read it.

Rather, the problem is that synchronization – uploading and downloading as needed to make the server and the device match – requires fairly intimate coordination between iOS Scrivener and the cloud service. Only the Dropbox API exposes the level of access to their file system that Scrivener needs to do this.

Because both Macs and PCs have real file systems, this constraint doesn’t apply to those platforms: the cloud provider uses normal system tools to upload and download the files, and Scrivener uses standard file operations to read and write them from/to the local disk. Though iOS appears to be moving in that direction, with the Files app, it doesn’t yet offer the tools that “computer” operating systems do.


Thanks Katherine - and grats decoding my message, holy cow I can tell I’m sleep deprived. That was… just… wow.