so I experienced the worst ever some weeks ago (thats relative I know) and my mac broke down and tried to use windows version, but that seemed to lack dropbox integration (folder sync), is this correct? I would have purchased license in a blink but without folder sync its not of much use. I was in quite bad shape at that time and unable to investigate further, but now I wonder if there is any information on this topic. Is this a plnned feature for windows or was I simply missing something and it is already implemented?

The Windows version is aiming for all of the Mac’s 1.54 features upon launch. After that, it will work towards a 2.0 which has Scrivener 2.0’s new features. The syncing features are all 2.0 features so will be coming further down the line. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, Scrivener is a massive, complex application, and if Lee tried to cover all of 2.0’s features for the first Windows release, it would probably take him five years. :slight_smile:

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ok, just wanted to know.

I use DropBox on Windows. Just place your Scrivener project in the DropBox folder and edit it from there. It’s automatically synced. Doesn’t need to be built in to Scrivener.

Yep, that works for syncing the whole project between machines. Keith was talking about a Mac-only feature called Sync with External Folder which allows you to sync specific documents from your project to work with them in external editors (e.g. on the iPad). It only just came to Mac in 2.0, and it’s certainly on the list for Windows developments but won’t be coming for a little bit yet. Not sure which specifically the OP meant, but there you are.