I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I’m hoping to get an updated and definitive answer. There are a lot of posts and opinions on this but no clear recent answer (I apologized if I missed one). First, let me say I am a longtime Scrivener user who has always used Dropbox to sync my files between Macs and iOS devices.

Is Dropbox still the only way to sync? I’ve about had it with Dropbox. Their software is terrible and the prices keep going up. I know there is a free version I could use, but I’d still have to use their horrible software.

As far as I can tell…

iCloud Drive = No
OneDrive = No
Google Drive = No

Am I correct? I am trying to decide if maybe I should switch to something other than Scrivener just to get away from Dropbox. :cry:

P.S. - I know this isn’t a limitation of Scrivener but of how some cloud services sync bundled file formats.

Dropbox is the only supported synchronization service between Mac OS and iOS Scrivener.

If you want to avoid Dropbox, the best alternative is to use one of Apple’s own file transfer tools, such as AirDrop or iTunes file sharing.


Thanks for the update, Katherine.