Folks: Before I post problems, is there any kind of recommendation from Lit/Lat on properly using DropBox? I’m asking because I do know Scrivener has files here, and there, and because way back when I think I remember that Lit/Lat had recommendations when DB first came available.

I’m asking because I have full access to all of my Scriv files on one Mac, but the other one throws up the dreaded (but not all files!):

"The project at “/Users/ms/Dropbox/Reviewed/NDN Scriv/ndn.scriv” seems to be of an older format, but no binder.scrivproj file could be found inside it. "


Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services

The most likely cause of the error message you’re seeing is incomplete synchronization. Is the Dropbox application running on both machines?