Dropdowns for font and highlight color not working in document view

I’m using 3.1.5 on my Mac with Catalina 10.15.3.

I’m writing a document using document view. The text color and highlight color dropdown menus aren’t working. I can select and highlight text, but I can’t change the highlight color.

I CAN change the font color if I highlight the text and go to Format/Color. I’d like the dropdowns to work, though!

Upgrade to 3.2.2 and try again. That may not be the problem, but then again, it may.

I don’t often use the format bar (usually right-click on selection) so I do occasionally trip myself up when attempting to use the dropdowns. Why ain’t they working, I ask myself again and again and…Oh yah! Just in case––
left-click to apply highlight or font color
left-click and hold for a second or so, or right-click to trigger the dropdown

(I’m running 3.1.5 on 10.14.6)

The latest version of Catalina is 10.15.7, It wouldn’t hurt to upgrade, as display anomalies are often relatively low on Apple’s bug fix priority list.