Dropping files in Scrivener App on Dropbox

My Dropbox Scrivener app file won’t let me drop a new Scrivener project into it. I have two other Scrivener projects in that file, both of which appear on my ipad and iphone. Why won’t the file accept this new project? What can I do? Your PROMPT suggestion will be much appreciated.

Drop on the app? What do you mean?
If you want to move a project from somewhere to your Dropbox folder you do it in Finder, moving or copying it like you move any file or folder in Finder.

Where has your new project come from? Did you create it on your Mac?

If you created it on your Mac then you should just move it into the Dropbox folder where your Scrivener projects are (usually Dropbox > Apps > Scrivener) on your Mac, and it will then appear on your iPad and phone.


… use File -> Save As in Scrivener and save it to the subfolder in the Dropbox folder where you want to keep the projects that you want to sync with another device.