dual Corkboard and split screen mode to work around the one level deep corkboard display

if I open the editor in split screen, set the left hand editor to corkboard, is there any way that I can

  • set the right editor also to corkboard (no problem)
  • AND find a way so that when I click on a corkboard on the left, the children are displayed in corkboard view on the right.
    I was looking for a way to work around the limitation of the corkboard which is that it is indented only one level deeper than the parent selected in the Binder.
    I tried Cmd or Opt or Shift click on the left hoping that the children would appear on the right.
    thanks in advance for your time and help

Right-click on the card/stack and choose the option to “open in other editor.”

It’s also possible to “stack” corkboards in various ways. See Section 8.2.8 in the Scrivener manual for alternatives.


thank you Katherine