Dual Dialogue/Tables/Screwed-up Format

Hi All,
I was trying to format dual dialogue (in screenwriting) but couldn’t find a setting for this so I tried to make my own by inserting an invisible two-column table. While this worked, more or less, to format the dialogue, it totally screwed up the rest of the formating in the rest of the screenplay. Or, to be more exact - screwed up the formating on new text. It did not affect the existing text.

I’ve undone all changes to just before I inserted the table but the new formating is still present. Now, whenever i try and add anything, be it a character, action or slug line, it’s being formatted as if the two-column table were still in effect. I’m almost 80 pages into this script and don’t want to have to fight with every new line.

I’m using Scrivener 3 on a MacBook Pro, btw

Any help is greatly appreciated - both for how to format dual dialogue and how to get rid of the text formating left-over from the table.