Dual Dialogue

So, I imported a project from Final Draft into Scrivener for Mac, and then I used dropbox to sync it with my iPad Pro (my main writing machine).

I noticed that existing dual dialogue is indicated by a dashed line around blue highlighted text. Great that this is preserved!

Now, is it possible to create new instances of dual dialogue on the iOS version? Has anyone figured this out?



Absolutely. Because Scrivener doesn’t support the display of dual dialogue, it repurposes another feature within Scrivener for this that isn’t otherwise useful in screenwriting. Here’s how:

  1. Pick one of the buttons on the extended keyboard row that you don’t need and are happy to replace.

  2. Long-press on it.

  3. In the “Formatting” pane of the keyboard customisation palette, choose “Preserve Formatting”.

You can now highlight ranges of dialogue you want to be dual in Final Draft and apply that to them, adding the dashed lines around them. When exported to Final Draft, they will be shown as proper dual dialogue.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

That absolutely works!!! Thank you so much for thinking this (every other detail) through so carefully!