Dual Display Layout problems

Hey there,

I ran into a tiny problem: I use a PC running Vista with two Monitors. Whenever I resize my Window Layout across both screens and save it as a layout via the layout manager - it creates a layout that defaults back to minimum window size (e.g. 800x600, from the looks of it).
This ONLY happens when my layout extends across one Monitor. Resizing within the bounds of my primary display works fine, layouts are saved correctly, etc.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? It is a minor inconvenience, having to resize whenever I launch Scrivener, but still…

I´d be interested to hear from you,

I have this same issue and it’s rather annoying for such a fine product to completely fail to work with dual monitors, which is quite common place nowadays.

Also troubling is the fact that the original post is one year old, without any reply or acknowledgement that is an issue and deserving of attention. I’m a very recent purchaser of Scrivener, and to run into a annoying issue like this so quickly, honestly makes me wonder what all the fuss is about this “fantastic” tool.

The issue of the layouts not restoring across monitors has come up elsewhere; I’m sorry we missed replying to this earlier post, but you can read more on the issue here. In short, restoring projects across multiple screens caused problems, so currently Scrivener prevents cases where that would happen. Obviously there are scenarios where it would be preferable to retain the position, and we’ve got it on the list to look into saving layouts with this information, so that they can be applied to reposition the window across multiple monitors. We also have some other features in the works for a future version to take better advantage of multi-monitor setups.