dual monitors for Scrivener for Windows?

I an academic writer. I habitually use my laptop and an additional monitor for writing, and would like to be able to spread Scrivener over both monitors, to acquire more visual ‘real estate’, especially for research documents and notes, and other segments of text. I see from posts on the forum that it is possible to do this with the Mac version. Is it possible to do the same with the Windows edition? As a new user, I would appreciate any advice as to how this might be made workable.

Laura -

I have a dual monitor system on Windows 7 and can span both monitors in Scrivener with no issues. Just make sure your Scrivener screen is not maximized, then drag the right edge across to the other screen.

Does this help?

It does indeed! Thank you so much!

Laura -

You’re very welcome. Happy Scrivening!