Dual OS License?


Just wondering how licencing works on for Scrivener.

I have a MacBook Pro - that I use on the go, and at home I have a proper Windows workstation. Most of the applications I use and work I do - I do interchangeably on both system ( laptop for travel, and use my workstation with 3 22’in screen when I’m at home). For instance for development I use Sublime Text Editor - on both systems. Sublime allows for dual licensing - one license to use on several systems - like in my case.

So the question is - for this kind of setup - would one license be enough or do I need 2?


I’m afraid you will need a separate licence for the Windows and Mac versions. One Mac licence covers you for using Scrivener on several Macs for personal use, and one Windows covers you for several Windows machines, but you need a separate serial number and licence for each. As much as we’d love to offer a dual licence, we’d have to double the price to cover it, because the Windows and Mac versions are completely separate development efforts with different development teams (even if those teams don’t have more than two members in either…).

(Sublime Text Editor, by comparison, is $14-19 more expensive, and has one developer with 99% of the code shared between all platform versions. Looks a very cool text editor, by the way.)

All the best,

Thanks Kevin. I mostly wanted to find out so I can determine which one I should buy for my wife ( she’s using my Windows workstation at home, but we are planning to get her a macbook. Thanks for the pointer.


Sublime editor does look pretty cool. Hmm.