dual screen compose mode problem—new

I’ll start asking for advice here in the technical forums.

I’ll begin by saying that the behavior I want was previously the case—before a recent update to Scrivner and/or before I installed Lion. I’m not sure which might have caused the change.

Macbook Pro 13" (right) and older Mac 24" display (left). Desired: dual display with scrivener window at right, with split, binder etc. on left of right-hand (MBP) screen, reference docs available etc…
Fullscreen compose mode FILLING THE SCREEN at left.

Suddenly, the size of the composition screen on left is limited to the size of the MBP; there seems to be no way that the “paper” that I’m typing on extends the full length of the secondary screen. The black background fills the entire area but the white typing area is a small rectangle. I can change the width via preferences, but not, it seems, the length.

I’d welcome advice.

thank you

Hi Kevin,

Try moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen so that the control bar pops up and then hold down the Option key - this will turn the “Paper width” slider into “Paper height”. This should allow you to make the paper fill the height of the screen.

All the best,

How sly! I’ve been trying to come up with something you haven’t prepared for, Keith, but so far I’ve failed!

Thanks so much for the advice AND for the feature.


Glad that helped! I think there may have been a bug here whereby that setting was sticking to the size of the MacBook screen. I think you must have clicked on the “use current settings” button in the Compose preferences, which then took the height of the paper area from the current screen and applied it to new projects, so that in a project opened on the bigger screen, it would have stuck to the size of the MacBook screen. I hope I’ve just fixed that so that the “use current settings” feature will record that it should be the full height of whatever screen it is on if the paper takes up the whole screen height at the time.

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My problem is the opposite. When I use compose with two screens, the lower right sizing bar isn’t accessible—regardless which screen I put the Compose screen in. I’ve tried the suggestions here, and others, but can’t seem to fix it. I’m using OS 10.6.8 and Scrivener 2.4.1
Here are a couple of examples, as shown on both screens…the second one even with the Compose window resized over another window below. Suggestions? Thanks
dual window screen.jpg
dual window screen 2.jpg

There is no lower-right resizing bar in Compose mode. Those bars only appear in the corners of windows, not in the corners of views (such as the text view in Compose mode), and not in full screen windows. To resize the height of the text area, use the control in the Control Bar at the bottom of the screen.

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That’s right. Forgot the reasoning. I wasn’t pointing out the right “problem” anyway. It’s the lack of a header bar or other way to move the Compose screen around [which has to be done by using the height and width sliders and the position options. I was trying to move the Compose screen quickly “out of the way” like you’d do with non-Compose screens (which I understand now can’t be done) and/or to move it from one screen to the other…and I now see that the way to do that is in the Preferences. (To use or not use “secondary screen if available.”) Anyway, thanks for clarifying…it’s not a big deal. Cheers. David