Dual Screen Focus

I use a laptop that I connect to a larger display for writing because it has a better display (and would have nothing to do with me getting older and needing larger, brighter text).

With Scrivener displayed on the second monitor (desktop monitor), when I select three of the options it places the resulting pop-up back on the laptop monitor, but the majority of pop-ups remain on the second monitor. I have the laptop displayselected as “Primary” monitor in my Win7 Display Settings control panel as is common. The three Scrivener options that jump back to the laptop monitor are Full Screen, Show Scratch Pad, and Show Keywords HUD.

I don’t know if this was purposeful design or not, so I was reluctant to label it a bug. I would prefer that Scrivener maintain the display focus that I’ve selected (stay in the display I’ve placed the main Scrivener window), but will understand if you’ve made purposeful decisions otherwise. I can manually drag the two ‘Show’ windows to the second display and after closing them, they will re-open on the second display. I’ve not discovered a way to move the Full Screen mode over to the second display.

This a a very very minor thing, and I’m very pleased with the functionality of your product so far. There are just a few features I’ve grown used to in yWriter and in my favorite program Power Writer that I wish were present. Power Writer’s lower window that permits displaying Research documents, writing prompts, and other data while displaying and editing the primary text is the most useful feature I’ve found in any writing program. Maybe I’ll discover the method to do this in Scrivener also. [Note: found it by working through the tutorial!]

Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing to advance writing tools.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I had not noticed it before. I am sure Lee will latch onto it.

My big display has nothing to do with my age either! :wink:

All the best,