Dual Screen

Is there Dual Screen support? Say two seperate documents on each screen – perhaps one in outliner/corkboard view and the other full screen, or even two full screen modes. This is quite a wish, but I’d love it!!! One of Scriveners great strengths is it’s ability to handle multiple documents at once so you can move back and forth between them using the outliner and the screen splits. Now multiply this times two monitors and WOW!

There is indeed dual screen support!

Have a good browse through the preferences screens. There are options to choose whether full screen mode takes over the primary or secondary screen, and whether to show or hide the main Scrivener window. These are both in the full screen mode preferences.

I have had full screen mode running on one monitor, and the main scrivener window and my web browser open on the other. It’s a nice way to work when you need access to the research. You can’t have two full screen modes though, nor can you have two main windows.

Note that by default the main scrivener window is hidden when you start full screen mode, because having the same file open in two places causes the computer to slow down, if I remember correctly it’s due to trying to keep them synchronized. So if you do this, make sure that your main window doesn’t have the same file displayed as full screen mode while you’re working.