Duke Nukem 3D for IPad

With all of the available graphically intense games these days, I was amazed to stumble upon Duke Nukem 3d in the App store. Not a revamped higher resolution version. The original classic first person shooter. For 99 cents I figured what the hell. Best buck I’ve spent in a long time. The game is just as fun to me now as it was …what? Twenty years ago? Wow, I’m getting old. There’s nothing like storming through a city occupied by alien animals searching for kidnapped babes, meeting the occasional stripper along the way and tossing her a buck or two. Classic one liners sling like unmanned firehoses under full pressure. Graphics be damned. This game is art. Granted, art that wouldn’t particularly be appreciated by those with overly politically correct mindsets. Thank god that’s not me! Oops. Was I wrong to acknowledge god? Bah, screw it I’m off to blow aliens heads off and score some strippers! Whoopee!

[edited :wink: ] Two Dukes on sale at gog.com, each for 2.99$:
Duke Nukem 3D
Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project

I love, love, LOVE GOG…

I wish they would release the original Marathon Series on the iPad.

All of those “Halo” junkies never knew that Halo was not the really first in the series…