Dumb question: Folders vs. files?

What’s the difference between folders and files?

That is, as far as I can tell, they can both contain other files/folders, and they both can have text associated with them.

Is there a difference I’m not aware of yet?

The main two differences are how they’re treated in navigation and compile. For example, while single documents always open in the Editor in text view, you can choose how you want folders to open—the Editor remembers the last view and will use that as the default for all folders. In Preferences:Navigation, you can choose whether to have document groups (documents that aren’t folders but have subdocuments) treated as folders—in which case they will open in the Editor in the same view mode as folders—or as regular documents. There are some other appearances you can set distinctly (e.g. whether to make the container titles in Outliner and Binder bold or not) which may help your visual organization.

When it comes time to compile, folders, document groups, and single documents can have distinct format settings—e.g. maybe you want to only compile the title for your folders but you want both title and text for document groups and only the text for single documents. Text separators in compile work based off folders and files, so document groups are treated as files rather than folders.

You can also check out §8.1.3 in the User Manual and the FAQ answer on this.

Note also that I’m talking about the Mac version, so I don’t know that all those options are applicable to the Windows version at this point.

No worries. I’m using the Mac version. :slight_smile:

Also, the link to that FAQ appears to be broken, but I’ll definitely check out the user manual. Thanks!

Meh. Fixed the link. Sorry about that.