Duplex Copies of Compilation?

OK, finally finished writing and wanted to print out a hard copy of my latest novel. When I click on Compile and use the 6 x 9" paperback format, it simply will not print the copy double sided but only single sided. If I switch to proof format, no problem printing duplex. Why can’t I print the 6 x 9 paperback format double sided?

I am not able to replicate this problem.

As a work-around for you, though, I would suggest compiling to pdf and then printing the pdf two-sided.


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Have you checked your printer functions so that it will print duplex at that page size? What type of printer do you have?

Yeah, if you don’t actually have 6x9 paper (does anybody?) your printer is probably saying “required media unavailable”. Check the front panel of the printer for messages.

If you compile to pdf as suggested and then open in Preview to print duplex, Preview will happily print your pages on letter paper regardless.