Duplicate a txt doc ?

I have decided to experiment with a change of plot order altogether.

So I have added another folder within the Manuscript folder, and within that I will write the alternative story.

However I want to keep about ten of the fully written small chapters. Each is a txt doc.

How can I copy them over ? I have tired copy pasting and searched the manual for duplicating …no luck.

Select the items you wish to copy by holding down the Command key and clicking on each item one after the other. Once you have a “multiple selection” like this, drag and drop from any of the selected items to the new manuscript folder, and while dragging, hold down the Option key, that will tell the software to duplicate the items into the position you drop, rather than moving them (just like in the Finder).

Tks for the help …
But I tried this several times but it doesn’t work. It just moves the file …

Hmm, I’m not sure why that wouldn’t work, but if the mouse isn’t working right, you can always just use the Duplicate commands from the Documents menu.

Make sure that “Option-dragging creates duplicates” is enabled in the Navigation preferences. I don’t believe it is by default.

It’s not. By default, Option-dragging causes precision-dragging (not allowing you to drop onto non-group documents, only between them).

Thank you !! I found the preference and it works fine now :slight_smile:

Ah ha, thanks all, I’ve had that on for so many years I forgot it wasn’t a default. :slight_smile: