Duplicate >> bug?

A recent event (5mins ago)

Folder containing 7 individual texts. (Folder# text1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Folder duplicated using [rightmouse>>duplicate].

Result: Duplicate folder containing 7 texts, each a copy of the contents of the first. (Folder# text1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1).

Tested a further three times, same result.

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this. Duplicate worked correctly for me via right click and selecting duplicate from Documents menu.

Do you have any other information about how you created these files etc?

ETA: Thinking back this happened to me with a previous beta. Does this occur with all projects, or just this specific one? If it is just a specific project that suggests that it may have become corrupted.

Fix for this: Locate your project.scrivx file for that particular scriv file. Copy and the paste it so that it reads Copy project.scrivx or similar. Delete original project.scrivx file. An option is to rename the copy to project.scrivx to avoid any problems.

Hope that helps.

This is a new project I started this morning, so it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

Could you please still check if this bug occurs with your other projects. Thanks.

Your specific project may still have become corrupted and we need to eliminate this possibility.

I have just tested, again, by creating a New Project.

It didn’t duplicate with Draft, so I created a folder.

Added 5 named texts, each with a different single word contained within.

The folder was duplicated, resulting in the 5 named texts, but each contained no texts on this occasion !?.

All right, I have seen this happen, or have it happen that the items are all empty after the duplicate. My working theory right now as I test this is that it has to do with the auto-save–if you bang out the items and text in them and then do the duplicate before the auto-save runs, the duplicated items are empty. If you’re creating the test texts pretty quickly and just typing a single word in each, even with the auto-save interval set to the default 2 seconds it’s not hard to do this without having the auto-save run, so that may be what you’re seeing too. If you’ve bumped up the interval so the auto-save runs even less frequently, you could be getting an instance where you’ve added a significant amount of text to a document and then duplicate before the save happens.

If you’re still playing around with this, could you keep an eye on the asterisk in the window header and see if it makes a difference if you wait for that to disappear before you hit “Duplicate”?

Interesting thought, but my autosave is set at 30 seconds …

That would make it easier to have this happen, since you’d need to stop using the program for 30 seconds before auto-save kicks in. The idea is that if you create the text and then do the duplicate action without save running at any point in there, the text might not copy. But obviously if you’re doing this over the course of days and copying documents that have been around a long time, thats not the problem. I’ve only seen this occur so far with newly created texts that I duplicate before they can be fully saved, so that’s why I was asking.

Sorry I mis-interpreted what you wrote :blush:

In order for the duplicate to work, correctly, the text has to be ‘saved’ first. Ah … the penny drops ( I think ! )…

mmm ; until things are ‘saved’ all work is virtual … mmmm

thanks !