Duplicate Option in View Menu

Two of the “View” menu options are named “outline” (the O is capitalized). Why ?
If they have distinct functionality they need different names.

One of them allows you to view selected documents in Outline mode. The other manipulates the Outline display itself.

Yes, I agree it’s confusing. What alternative wording would you suggest?

View settings for one of them. But then I’d wonder why it isn’t in Preferences.

You can probably tell from the question that I am a very simplistic user who hates having to think about what they’re doing. So not understanding the full scope of Scrivener I am likely so make suggestions that add to the problem (e.g. I don’t really understand the difference between your usage of Outline and Binder). But here goes:
Why not use 2 words for each option - e.g. Document Outline and Binder Outline. Then at least us dummies would have some idea of which was relevant to our needs.

Maybe two words would be better, but not those two words. The second “Outline” will change the display of either the Binder or the Editor’s Outline view, depending on which has the focus.

If you don’t understand the difference between the Outline view and the Binder, you might want to have a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu.

Honestly, I’ve never understood why it isn’t Outliner at the top, and no other changes. The feature is referred to as the outliner in almost every other case except for that one menu command.

The submenu below being called “outline” makes sense, because it contains general functions for manipulating the outline, as a technical concept that is used by the binder and the outliner (both being different views of the same thing).

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Yeah, this is exactly how I feel about it.